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PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) - Top-ranked Lorena Ochoa was a shot back of leaders Sophie Gustafson and rookie Ji-Young Oh after the first round of the Safeway Classic on Friday. Ochoa, who has won the past two tournaments, threw up her arms after making a Championship-leading British rookie Lewis Hamilton overcame an early scare to clock the fastest time in Saturday's final practice ahead of Sunday's Turkish Grand Prix. The 22-year-old McLaren Mercedes Benz driver stopped at the exit of the pit-lane SAN BERNARDINO ---- The Lake Elsinore Storm are likely headed to the playoffs, so it's no time like the present to start winning one-run games on the road. Stephen Faris combined with three relievers on a two-hitter as the Storm downed Inland Empire Turkey's interest in motor sports, which has reached its peak with Formula One Turkish Grand Prix, goes long back to 1920s when the first motor race held in Istanbul. But the modern steps started with a go-karting track initiated by Cem Hakko, CEO of Television actor Austin Nichols was driving the wrong way on Louis Glick Highway when a Jackson police officer stopped him for suspected drunk driving at 2:30 a.m. Friday. Nichols, who stars as the title character in HBO's "John From Cincinnati," was Greinke, who replaced the injured Odalis Perez in the rotation and started for the first time since May 6, limited the Indians to one hit in three innings. He walked one and struck out two. Greinke began the season in the rotation but was sent to the Accident, surgery, chronic illness - these and many other situations may require that a person close to you must be hospitalized. This may be at a local hospital near your home, or at a major medical center in a city away from home. As one who cares By James Waindi India ‘A’ continued their dominance over hosts Kenya as they beat the locals by 80 runs in an entertaining match during the ongoing One Day Tri Series at the Nairobi Gymkhana Club. The locals, who had lost all their three previous Troubled actress Lindsay Lohan's parents have spoken of their "sadness" after the star was ordered to serve one day in jail for drink-driving. The 'Mean Girls' star will also perform 10 days of community service after pleading guilty to two of the Didn't find an answer? Ask a real person on Live QnA.,,,,,,,,, www.xxxoracle.comm,,, www.xxxoracle.ccom,, www.xxxoracle.coom,,,,,,,,,, www.xxxoracle.ocm,,,,, www.xxxoracle.cmo, www.xxxoracl.ecom,,,,,,, www.xxxoraclecom,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, www.xxxoracle.cim,,,, www.xxxoracle.ckm,,,,,,,, www.xxxoracle.cpm, www.xxxoracle.clm,,,,,,, www.xxxoracle.con,,, www.xxxoracle.coj, www.xxxoracle.dom, www.xxxoracle.c0m,,,,, www.xxxoracle.fom, www.xxxoracle.cok,,,,, www.xxxoracle.xom,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, www.xxxoracle.vom,, www.xxxoracle.c9m,,,,,,,,,,,,, www.xxxoracle.cokm,,,,, www.xxxoracle.ckom, www.xxxoracle.dcom,, www.xxxoracle.copm,,, www.xxxoracle.co0m,,,,,,,,, www.xxxoracle.ciom,,,, www.xxxoracle.cxom,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, www.xxxoracle.fcom,,,,,,,,,,,,,, www.xxxoracle.comn,,, www.xxxoracle.c9om,, www.xxxoracle.coim,,, www.xxxoracle.comk,,,,,,,,,, www.xxxoracle.conm,,,, www.xxxoracle.co9m,, www.xxxoracle.c0om,,,,, www.xxxoracle.cdom,, www.xxxoracle.xcom,,, www.xxxoracle.cvom,, www.xxxoracle.cojm,, www.xxxoracle.colm,,, www.xxxoracle.cpom,,,,,,,,, www.xxxoracle.clom,,,,,,,, www.xxxoracle.comj,,,,,,,,,,,,,, www.xxxoracle.cfom,,,,, www.xxxoracle.cokm,,,,,, www.xxxoracle.vcom,

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