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Evidently, Wells won't quit until the uniform is torn from his back. The 44-year-old lefty arrived to the visitor's clubhouse at Shea Stadium yesterday, a day after the Dodgers signed him for the rest of the season. Wells is scheduled to make his Two petrol bombs were thrown at the building in Dunclug Park, Ballymena, at about 0300 BST causing scorch damage to the front door. The house was attacked again five hours later. One window was broken and a fire was started causing significant damage (August 25, 2007) — Organizers of an event that honors emergency responders and military personnel have canceled part of the celebration. The seventh annual Operation Patriot, a fundraising event to support firefighters, police officers, paramedics A bomb has exploded as Buddhist monks collected alms in Thailand's restive south, killing a man and injuring 11 other people, including six soldiers who were guarding the monks. A bomb hidden underneath a table in front of a grocery shop in Pattani's Today : Thomas Harding assesses the latest case of friendly fire on British troops. And former Telegraph colleagues remember Bill Deedes. Get right inside Formula 1 at every grand prix with the exciting new Telegraph F1 podcast. Our F1 correspondent Followed by a group of Mexican fans who made the trip north to watch her compete for her third consecutive win, Lorena Ochoa opened with a five-under 67 on Friday to sit one shot off the lead at the Safeway Classic. One of Ochoa's sponsors in The hot spot : The R & B hotshot recently made headlines for his on-off-on-again marriage to Tameka Foster, but we find news of investment in The Grape franchise more interesting. Usher is backing the Inman Park, Atlanta, location of the wine shop Twins manager Ron Gardenhire said he felt like any other fan Sunday, watching with awe and wonder, as Johan Santana delivered one of the most electrifying pitching performances he had ever seen. After the eighth inning of this 1-0 victory over Texas K Every afternoon when Sudheer Mahanan, a government forest warden, picks up his two children from school, he is forced to squeeze them onto his moped. As they speed over monsoon-drenched potholes and weave around meandering cows, his 5-year-old Didn't find an answer? Ask a real person on Live QnA., www.blazingvids.comm,,,,,,,,,,,,, www.blazingvids.coom,,, www.blazingvids.ccom,,,,,,,, www.blazingvids.ocm,, www.blazingvid.scom,,,, www.blazingvids.cmo,,,,,,,,,,,, www.blazingvidscom,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, www.blazingvids.ckm,,,, www.blazingvids.cim,,,,,,,, www.blazingvids.xom, www.blazingvids.cpm,, www.blazingvids.clm,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, www.blazingvids.c0m,,, www.blazingvids.con,,, www.blazingvids.cok,,,,,, www.blazingvids.coj,, www.blazingvids.c9m,, www.blazingvids.dom, www.blazingvids.fom,,,,,,, www.blazingvids.vom,,,,,,,,,, www.blazingvids.co9m,,,,,,,, www.blazingvids.xcom, www.blazingvids.cxom,,,,,,,,, www.blazingvids.comn,,,, www.blazingvids.cdom,, www.blazingvids.c0om,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, www.blazingvids.comk,,, www.blazingvids.ckom,,,,,,,,, www.blazingvids.co0m,,, www.blazingvids.dcom,, www.blazingvids.cokm,,,,,,,,, www.blazingvids.fcom,, www.blazingvids.cvom, www.blazingvids.cpom,, www.blazingvids.colm,,,,, www.blazingvids.cokm, www.blazingvids.coim,,,, www.blazingvids.comj, www.blazingvids.conm,,,,,,,,,,,,,, www.blazingvids.cfom,,,,,,,, www.blazingvids.copm,,,, www.blazingvids.ciom,,,,,,,,, www.blazingvids.clom,,,,,,, www.blazingvids.cojm,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, www.blazingvids.vcom,,,,,,,,,,, www.blazingvids.c9om

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